We want to prove that coming together as a community is what will push us forward. We are committing to give back to our community through your purchase from our Fight On Together collection. Whether it is helping a small business or donating to a local organization, we are dedicated to doing our part to help our community thrive today and for years to come.


All artwork designed by the talented @essential.esthetic.   on Instagram!

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Rounded Corner Stickers - 2.4" x 3"

Dye Cut Stickers - 2.4" x 3"


These were created during the very difficult year we've come to know as 2020. We wanted to come up with a way that we can do our part to give back while bringing various communities together. We believe that the Fight On message transcends whatever your school affiliation is, to focus on the bigger picture which is coming together regardless of our differences to make our cities, states, and nation a better place for ALL. 

With your purchase of an item from our Fight On Together collection, you can know you're doing your part to help those in need. Whether it is helping provide wi-fi to a family with a child schooling from home, or donating to a food bank, we promise to never stop doing our part to give back and be the positive change we aspire to be.

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