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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Hi everyone! Welcome and thank you for reading the first SCend It In blog post!

SCend ( pronounced as “send”) It In was founded in 2018 out of class BAEP 450 at USC! Our founder had been selling online for about 4 years prior to starting the service as a way to earn extra money while in school since.

After viewing the documentary "The True Cost", we wanted to find a way to be more sustainable with our clothing and cut fast fashion as much as possible.

The opportunity to launch SCend It In came when we were assigned a project in the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship course where we had to create our ventures as groups of 4-5 and raise money from our “business”. The idea emerged to sell other students' items as an easy way for them to declutter, give them a portion of the earnings from the sale, and then donate the rest for the project. Thus, SCend It In was born!

Post-project we were still receiving requests from students wanting to use our service. Students would even refer the service to their friends and roommates! One of the goals of the service is to repurpose every item that is received and ensure that nothing ends up in the trash where it is destined for the landfill. Students could feel good knowing they can practice more sustainable habits by using the service without having to put in any effort. The service has continued to grow which leads us to the present day.

We aim to reach as many people as we can to share the message that shopping sustainably is fun and stylish! We want to build SCend It In as not just a service, but a brand to shop where you know your purchase was people and environmentally friendly. We want to use our service for good, from helping our clients to donating to important causes, while having fun!

As we go on this journey we wanted to write about it along the way and share with others. As we have so much more to learn, accomplish, and prove, this could hold us accountable as well as allow us to track our progress. We aim to showcase the ups & downs of running and growing a small business.

We'd love to hear from you! Have any questions about SCend It In or want to say hi? Please fill out our contact form.

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